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dance - trance - romance & always alive!!

dance - trance - romance & always alive!!


Q: Who We R?

A: We are DJ Steve Allisonne & DJ Maxie from  together as a combined force to whelm  the dance crowd & concert space with music, light & sound.

Q: What is PLUR-alism?

A: Seamless Live Performance & DJ combined with stage lighting & effects to get people dancing and grooving to our show!

“First you feel it, then you hear it .. when you open your eyes? .. you are consumed!”

DJ Maxie

Profile: DJ Steve Allisonne

For DJ Steve the gig started in`97, he says because as a musician, “I was losing work to DJs, and I thought ‘how hard can this be anyway?’"  Boy, was I wrong ! But the work is worth it as a musician as well. Not only does it keep me current, but I gain a much broader appreciation of musical growth & variety.

Prior to that he played in numerous rock bands touring some and doing a lot local sets especially in NYC. For a time played keyboards and toured with Davy Jones of the Monkeys.

Steve is a New Yorker by birth, Judeo-Christian by faith and musician by trade. He loves to teach &  to learn; they're really two sides of the same binds them together, and, he hopes, for you as well.  

~Sounds of Pluralism

DJ Steve
Call Us: 914.827.8272